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We are FAA Licensed Drone Pilots.  We provide professional drone photography &  cinematography services to clients throughout the United States of America.  Our state of the art drones capture high resolution photos and 4K & 5K video.

A multicopter / drone flies using the downward thrust of multiple electric motors to achieve lift. It steers and moves by controlling the angle of the vehicle. This is accomplished with the assistance of gyroscopes, Wisconsin Drone operators,Wisconsin drone photography,photographers,aerial drone photos,drone video,4K video,video producers,minnesota,michigan,door county,green bay,sturgeon bay,milwaukee,madison drone photographers,wisconsin photographerscomputers, and most importantly, the skill of the drone pilot / drone operator.  We are members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) • https://www.aopa.org/

Aerial photography multicopters / drones come in different sizes and shapes, but are normally referred to by the number of rotors they have. The most common configurations are tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters. The size of the vehicle is normally designed around the weight of the camera and the stabilization system, also known as a gimbal. We use state-of-the-art three-axis (roll/pitch/yaw) gyroscopically-stabilized gimbals to carry all of our cameras. These systems provide a perfectly level and smooth mount for many different types and sizes of camera.


Advanced models such as ours also have global positioning system (GPS) receivers and extremely sensitive altimeters to maintain a steady position in any wind. This means the pilot can concentrate on getting the best shot, instead of fighting the weather.   Our flight controllers are also capable of flying precise, GPS-guided routes at precise altitudes. This is perfect for advanced photogrammetry or 3D scanning and mosiac applications.

wisconsin-drone-photographers-fvwdFox Valley Web Design uses a real-time video down-link to frame our photos and video so we capture the shots you need. This is essentially a flying television station to broadcast exactly what the on-board camera sees to a hand-held monitor.  We believe in providing our clients with the best photography & video footage available so we use some of the most advanced technology equipment  from 3DR Robotics, GoPro, Canon, DJI, GIROPTIC, Nikon, Sony & Apple.

With over 20 years of commercial photography experience we  added drone photography & video services in 2015 to compliment our 360 custom virtual tours,  hi-res digital still photography services and video production services.   We will provide you with the photos and video you require for your website, spec sheets or social media projects.   We can help put together professional videos edited with your company branding & contact information.  Usually we will upload those to your YouTube account or help you embed them onto your website.   We will get your  photography job done right and within your budget.  We can help add the tour to your site or social media accounts.  We can literally take your marketing to “new heights”.  Check out our portfolio site:  AboveWisconsin.com

What does it cost?

We need to know more about your project & location before we can provide a quote.  The actual photography & video capture with the drone does not take a lot of time.   We usually average 30 minutes to a couple hours of flight time after  we travel to the location.  Our drones average about 30-40 minutes of flight time on one battery charge.   We have multiple drones with multiple batteries so we can handle multiple stops on one trip.  For larger projects we put multiple drones in the air to get the footage we need quickly.    We also work quickly in the editing room with Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere Pro keeping the costs down which comes with our 20 years of photography & 360 virtual tour experience.

We will travel anywhere in the United States but a majority of our work is in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.   Our business & real estate clients will have us shoot ground level still photos and 360 virtual tours depending on the property size.   Again as an example you may have a larger real estate listing or resort that is “worthy” of drone aerial photos, interior 360 virtual room tour and interior / exterior hi-res still photos.  The 360 virtual tour photography time on location goes pretty fast as our equipment will shoot a full hi-res 360 degrees photo in about 20-30 seconds per room.  Remember 360 virtual tours still create that extra interactivity on your website that  online clients or potential buyers enjoy plus it just showcases the room or property so much better then just a still shot.  The goal is to keep online visitors on your website with unique content or they will go to your competitor’s website.  You need to catch their eye on your spec sheets or personal website with some drone aerial photos or video.   One of the easiest ways to keep potential buyers of your services or attract new online visitors to your site is to provide them with unique, interactive content.  That’s where Fox Valley Web Design comes in…we are your unique, interactive content creators.

For larger projects we will send 2 or 3 of our drone operators – photographers / videographers / 360 virtual tour photographers to the location so they can quickly cover all the shots needed to properly showcase the property or subject matter,  saving you time and money.   One photographer will be shooting drone aerial photography, one photographer will be shooting interior/ exterior photography stills and another photographer will be zipping through the property with our  360 virtual tour camera.   Our photographers are also experts with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere Pro video editors so they know the correct shots to get while on location which speeds the editing process.   Once we have the photography completed we  bring it back to the office for professional editing and provide you with the final photography products usually within a day or two after the photo shoot.

The weather also plays into when we can schedule the drone & 360 virtual tour photography.   We don’t operate our drones or shoot outdoor 360 virtual tours in rain, sleet or snow.   We do plan to have a water proof drone in the near future but our current drones do not like water or snow.   One of our drones can be operated inside of larger buildings or great rooms adding some unique views for a video or still photos of that area.


We are fully insured for any project.  Client will be provided with Proof of Insurance from Fox Valley Web Design LLC ~ Above Wisconsin LLC.

So to wrap it up, the cost is dependent upon property location, the property size and which services do you want us to provide (Drone Aerials, Drone Videos/Cinematography , Ground level videos, Ground level stills, and/or 360 Virtual Tours)?   Fill out our online form to get started with our professional drone aerial photography services.

Commercial Drone Pilot For Hire • Portfolio:  AboveWisconsin.com


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